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San Antonio may be a beautiful place to live, but the heat and humidity can be ruthless. Homeowners need first-rate, efficient, and powerful air conditioners to feel secure and comfortable when the summer heat waves roll in. 

If you’re someone out there looking for an array of professional AC services, Yeti Cooling & Heating is ready to help!

With years of experience assisting Texas homeowners with their AC needs, we’re working to raise the bar on what it means to provide air conditioning services. Call us for today, and we can assure you that your AC is in good hands, so there’s nothing left for you to do but chill!

Air Conditioner Tune-Ups

At Yeti Cooling & Heating, we’re all about preventative care. While we’re confident and capable of tackling even the most complicated repairs or installations, we’d much rather our San Antonio homeowners stay safe and comfortable.

That’s why we’re dedicated to getting involved in making sure your AC maintains a clean bill of health. And there’s nothing like an air conditioner tune-up to solidify your AC’s performance.

Our experts recommend air conditioner services at least once a year, ideally before the summer temperatures start to get out of control. An air conditioner tune-up prior to hot weather can catch any loose or malfunctioning parts that could leave you stuck calling for emergency repairs. 

It’ll also optimize your air conditioner, keeping you cool as can be without using up too much energy. If it’s time for your AC tune-up, call Yeti Cooling & Heating today!

AC Repair

Quality air conditioning repair is vital to owning an AC that will operate well and last a long time. Even with annual or biannual check-ins, your AC is bound to need a part repaired here and there. And while your maintenance checks can reduce the number of repairs you’ll need, Yeti Cooling & Heating will be there for when the inevitable happens. 

But without expert help, you might be left with shoddy, rushed repairs that can often lead to even more damage to your AC. Our team vows never to cut corners with your repair, and we’ll ensure that every component is in impeccable working order by the time we’re finished.

Knowing when to repair an air conditioner issue and when to replace the unit altogether relies on a variety of considerations, including the cost of repairs vs. the cost of replacement, the age of your unit, and more. Yeti Home Services will help you make an informed, educated decision. If you do decide to opt for repairs, we can resolve issues such as a noisy unit, a completely shut down AC, and uneven cool air dispersal through the home. You can trust us to work quickly and effectively.

If you’re thinking about cutting costs by ignoring your AC’s need for repair, we’re happy to say our air conditioning services are affordable. To avoid an expensive air conditioning replacement, hire the Yeti Cooling & Heating team to take care of your air conditioning repair. 

Air Conditioning Replacements
If you’re feeling stuck with an older AC or if the Texas weather has just run your AC ragged, we may recommend a total replacement instead of a repair. A new air conditioning installation can often be less expensive than excessive repairs, and Yeti Cooling & Heating can help walk you through the entire process. 

We recognize the sizable investment homeowners entrust us with when they call us for air conditioning replacement, and we don’t take that lightly. Together, we’ll come up with the best climate control solution to fit your home and needs, including the size, style, and model. 

Our team consists of AC technicians with an eye for detail. The initial air conditioning installation is instrumental in how well your equipment will work. 

You can trust our technicians to provide you with a quality air conditioning installation, regardless of the style of AC you purchase. We’ll also give you all of the tools to operate your new air conditioner confidently.


air conditioning services from yeti cooling & heating

Whether you need a fast air conditioner tune-up visit or a complete climate control overhaul, the Yeti Cooling & Heating team has you covered. 

We’re committed to solving issues with your home’s comfort, and we’ll do whatever it takes to provide AC services that are catered for you. If you’re ready to get started, call our team today to discuss how our air conditioner services can change your home and make your day!