Supply Chain Shortages and What It Means for Your HVAC

Updated: Mar 2

The 2020 pandemic tipped the scale of an already declining global supply chain. In fact, the supply chain predicament is significantly impacting the global economy. As a property owner, you’ve likely felt the effect of product shortages, but have you considered what supply shortages mean for your building’s HVAC system?

Since the global supply chain shortage isn’t magically disappearing anytime soon, HVAC contractors across the nation face rising costs and wide parts shortages. They are also unable to source essential components such as microchips.

All of these factors lead to delays in HVAC repairs and maintenance, so it’s crucial to prioritize your AC and heaters now while also being flexible and understanding with your HVAC contractor.

The Supply Chain Pandemic

Due to the 2020 pandemic, many factories worldwide were forced to shut down. Even worse, stay-at-home orders caused an online shopping frenzy that overwhelmed supply chains and delayed the transportation of goods.

As a result, supply chain shortages have impacted nearly every industry. The HVAC industry is explicitly facing increased HVAC component costs. Copper and steel prices have reached monumental highs, and prices for specialized equipment like semiconductors have risen 10 to 30 percent.

Furthermore, HVAC companies face labor shortages as they have to pay their top employees more to retain them. Along with inflation and a higher level of skill needed to handle most HVAC services, HVAC companies have a lot on their plate.

What to do About HVAC Shortages

As a homeowner, your best plan of action is to get routine inspections. Since you’ve most likely dealt with increased HVAC service prices and longer lead times, you understand the importance of staying ahead.

HVAC systems are critical and expensive components, so inspections are the best way to prevent major breakdowns. As such, it’s important to change your air filters every month, keep your system clean, and so forth. Keeping your air conditioning and furnaces healthy and cared for is the best form of preventative maintenance.

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