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Professional Furnace repair and Installation

Heating Repair Services Offered

Trust the highly skilled professionals at Yeti Cooling & Heating for all your heating system needs. From minor repairs to complete system overhauls. As colder temperatures approach, it’s essential to have a reliable heating system in place. Our technicians perform routine maintenance and repairs to keep your system running smoothly, no matter what type of heating system you have.  

Stay comfortable all winter long with our Heating Repair Services: 

  • Heating Repairs

  • Heat Pump Repairs

  • Split-Gas Systems Repairs

  • Gas Package Systems Repairs

  • Furnace Repairs

Be Prepared For Winter

Here are some winter home safety tips to ensure your home is safe and comfortable during the colder months:

  1. Heating System Check

  2. Fireplace Safety

  3. Carbon Monoxide Detectors

  4. Space Heater Safety

  5. Weatherizing Pipes

  6. Emergency Kit

  7. Seal Drafts

  8. Winter Storm Preparedness

  9. Proper Ventilation

  10. Insulation Check

By following these winter home safety tips, you can create a safer and more comfortable environment for you and your family during the colder months.

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