AC Repair
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Heater Repair
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Whole System Replacement
If your unit breaks and is over ten years old, then it’s worth strongly considering replacing your air conditioner, even if it requires only minor repairs. The reason is because at this age, your unit will begin to more frequently have issues until it stops cooling completely. The good news is modern air conditioners are more energy-efficient than their predecessors and come complete with more sophisticated thermostat controls and money-saving capabilities. Contact Yeti Cooling & Heating if you want a professional opinion on the benefits of adding a new unit.
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Heat Pump Install
Are you looking for a way to reduce your ecological footprint, increase your indoor comfort, and reduce your monthly energy costs? Then contact Yeti Cooling & Heating and ask us about how our heat pump installation services may benefit you. Heat pumps are modern devices which use the existing hot and cold air to deliver efficient solutions for your indoor temperature needs. Our technicians are happy to advise on whether or not you would benefit from one of these systems, and are happy to offer heat pump installation and repair services to keep it working for years to come.
Here at Yeti Cooling & Heating, we’ve helped thousands of Texans keep warm during our many cold spells with a quick heating repair. We have professional HVAC technicians who have repaired and serviced all kinds of heating systems. Let one of our experienced technicians offer a reliable diagnosis and provide an upfront, written estimate that includes options and recommendations. No work is done until you approve.
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Duct Cleaning, Repair, & Indoor Air Quality
This  is  a  big  problem  because  your  duct work  carries  air throughout  your  home, which  means  that  your  air quality is greatly diminished. It also means that mold growth is likely to happen elsewhere in your home and that the health problems associated with mold exposure might be worse.

This is why getting your ducts cleaned by professionals is essential.

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When your air conditioning is broken and you have a cooling emergency, just call Yeti Cooling & Heating and we’ll be happy to help. We have proudly served thousands of customers. No matter what kind of AC system you have, we’ve seen them all and we’ve fixed them all! We understand that things don’t break on a schedule, so we make sure we’re available when you need us.
Fan Motor Replacement
The fan motor is a fairly uncomplicated yet vital part of an air conditioner. It’s the part of the unit that pumps air through the system. Without that circulation of air, your AC won’t cool your home.
It is subjected to a lot of wear and tear that can lead to frequent repairs or replacement. Once the fan motor breaks down, the AC will stop blowing cold air and that’s something you don’t want on a hot summer’s day.